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Storm Whatever Come (Self-Released 2012)

   San Luis Obispo, California releasing its stateless border for an underground collision over this Progressive Black Metal and Doom Rock independent and blasphemous themed on space, time, death and mind as the extreme voices and sounds emerging harder as horror-atmosphere reached the reactive temporary fear onto your common sense and Bloodmoon unit consisting of Patrick Mulholland (bass), Jason Goldie (drums, vocals) and Peter Tomis (vocals, guitars) finally, opens their gate-away of hellish figures and witch-crafting with thus old dark magic tree and hooded figure of Satanism rituals for Orenda as the demo tape spreading the evil-messaging tales about the ugly truth and the bad seeds comparison within human’s excessive power to avoid immediate danger comes within thus tracks of non-withdrawal among As A Wind; Shallow Berth; Riding Eternity pt. I as well as What Lies Beyond.

Greenish smokes-signs and symbols you might already read before shows clearly on this one !