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Stop Crying Eye (Left Front Door 2016 )

   Simply calling the group themselves as The Shit and yup, these Bern, Switzerland crew of Garage Punk Psychedelic and Stoner Rock N’ Roll show comprising of members like Robert Butler (voice, guitar), Franz Hausamann (guitar/voice), Phillip Thoni (bass, voice), Pit Lee (drum-kit), Roland Bucher on live drum-kit while Christian Aregger on live guitar; hitting the road with their energy of pleasing hot on the wheel features within the screamer and song-writing collaboration and arranging catchy shout-out anthems of youth rage on acid affections being released through the six tracks record entitled – Rue Du Chocolat. 

Portraying the incredible punchy rocks and mystical woman, scared women, more sexy girls and the elements of great new millennium psychedelic arts within Asshole; Corvette Summer or Don’t Let Me Down. 

Freaking steady and ready to exploding into kinds of awesome things as we all rock the place like wild teenagers did !!!

Rue Du Chocolat: