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Steeds Hymn Mead (Bandcamp 2015)

   Heavy Metal isn’t just brawling sounds that delivers no meanings; see the example of a very good ones carried within the historical Folk Metal of Epic saga stories brought by the heritage lessons off the Norsemen (and women) of the speak-in-tongue or the lyrics that tells by Distoriam comprising for Frakkur The Wise played irish bouzouki, pibgorn, harsh/clean vocals to Stormblood (bass guitar and backing vocals), Sab Masersdottir Shieldmaiden (keytar and backing vocals), Sir Thomas Samael Friedrik Rex I on baritone guitar and harsh/clean vocals as well as Volcanthor (lead guitars) and Drominic (drums and backing vocals) and you need to know more about ophie The Tavern Wench playing keyboards, hurdy gurdy and back-vocals or Le-Tappeux du Pied Chausse performing the mandolin, flute and back-vocals as these Montreal rockers did their down-tuned guitars and traditional instruments blending as orchestration arranged by Jean-Christophe “Le Brave” as the additional musicians on cello, flute or violin met the gang vocals as the Viking ship sails out to find the new world or land to conquer.

   Distoriam’s Chapter I: Vinlanders consisting of these twelve tracks like Northern Sea Journey, Duel of a Hundred Lights, Thunn Kivavit Ankris, Deadly Shores of Wasted Hopes and Venturing Forth crossing the fogs, the legendary sea creature crushing and the forwarding where the tip of your sword or nose taken the barbaric troops where no man would dare to go …