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Stagnant Apartheid (Sorry State 2014)

Lesser influenced from Southern metallic and abusive most parts by Death Metal as calling themselves as a Hardcore-D-Beat Punk of the punkest punkd newer unit of America. Raleigh, North Carolina’s Skemata which consisting of the trio forming known as locals of Alex Taylor, Cameron Craig and Jeff Young come blistering their explosive growl-voiced or brutal in the name of violence music casts evil – either walking or fly around; searching for prays just like grim-reaper of death tearing up the layer of the living land energy while sucking the rest of the breathing and heart-beats bodies via Skemata’s self-titled debut record covered by blood.

Most of the problems occurring as filling up the bowl until it permanently, flooding would have like a same projector for predicting the incoming riots and chaos not far in the near future as Encroaching, Warhead, Germ Warefare in The 1500s as well as System of Parasites onto At The Expense of Another may suddenly, erupts like a Bleak Reality crashing in your pathetic emphasis track of misfortune extreme loud music and condition for being really mean to hurting shitty people or annihilates.

Skemata LP: