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Sprite Zero (Not On Label 2016)

   You don’t really have to had good looking to rock the hell out of living in Winnipeg, Manitoba and for that facts guess; you can get the example proof via the lesser greatness sounds of music performance by Kelly Campbell (guitars + vocals), J Riley Hill (drums + sometimes vocals) and Mirella Villa (bass) showing the audiences that the Riotgrrrl unit plus a boy wonder can still writing good tracks and pure honest without bullshit but angst of the youth; stoked and popped through Soft Grudge which originally made after six years of struggle and more sweaty sessions to offer.
Ten songs with pretty much Pop-Punk Alternative within thus D.I.Y basic purposes really sounded good to hear on this. 
Smooth distortion, harmony vocals even the awful bridges to choruses and the stomps slope beats still manage to catch the cuteness of the group. 
So, open your shoes and come-in to the show with Mulligrub as Chicken, NFLD, Europe, Homo Milk, Man in The Moon, Song About The Man and Mountains & Houses not only portraying the smaller parts of their hometown beauty that perhaps, nowadays sucked but also the rest of intentions pointed to the wider daily issues that caught your Grungy Power-Pop attention on the other hand – particularly.

Soft Grudge: