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Son Of Maxine (Bandcamp 2004)

   Kinds of artists you might also like should be Kool G Rap, Ghostface Killah or Rakim and Scarface by the basic lyrics not for a dance moves or bling bling shit; psychotic themes as well as identity skills whom forcing the Hip-Hop controlling planet through mind-metaphors of terror syndicate as a male egoistic terminator, annihilator and mayhem character known to the world outside the black community forum as The Zodiac but was born as Brent Whiting – before the influences of Ice-T to LL Cool J taking over his Bill Withers and Rn’B communion as being replaced by cruelty, violence and the thirst for killing others since. Phoenix – Arizona’s East Coast Rap gazed phenomenon and seminal legendary like a killer instinct giving him the reasons to break the test and being the meanest as mentally, ill and armed with hunting knife; releasing this murderous confessions via Zeta Omicron Delta. Meet your dark-man killer x-stereotype cases vanishing and unsolved like the rest of the real story with rhyming flown words and stories to spread by hundreds – whether the survivors or the confusing authorities chasing ghost spirits of evil doers.
From the questioning of Who What Where When How N.Y, Spit Tactics, Go Zodi Go, Increase & Release, Secret and numbers Game as well as Love To Bleed showing us that the victimizers didn’t see no colors – even he would torturing the brothers like a Crazy Mothafucka for wording the wrong thing about his actions …

Zeta Omicron Delta: