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Solitaire Wendy (One Little Indian 2002)

   Suddenly, the ex-glamour Punk-Rock lead singer from Queens – New York turning his musical course from the gritty raw and fast sounds to the melting and calmer published music and song-writer influenced by the more mature aspect sides and Ryan Adams sophomore reducing over radicals but lifting wiser-thoughts to be shared for the surface of the mainstream modern town. Jesse Malin – your reborn American singer/song-writer successfully, release his own solo project under the related connections to a not too far differences for positivism from Chris Carrabba to Indie Rock Alternative on the modern days away from the charts but closer to the youngsters and loneliness hearts as the hard flavored influenced for being the fans of Neil Young, Tom Waits and Steve Earle – throwing the first try of himself via The Fine Art Of Self Destruction. Many good tracks written and arranged onto songs there by Jesse and his back-up musicians for examples: Downliner, TKO, Queen of The Underworld, Brooklyn, Riding on The Subway as well as Xmas, Almost Grown to Hungry Heart. Some D Generation fanatics shall cursing him to death for this obliterating acts of release but who knows about the mysterious ways that he took on influencing people to change by this type of music.

The Fine Art of Self-Destruction: