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Snorting Walkett (Eye Fiend 2015)

   Feedbackhigh-pitched tones stabbing our guts and brain-cells like the small echoing of the blisters tubular bells, the more you put a loud noise the more it will shares the external noise figures of the overtime, as the colors of artworks reflecting the anonymous decisions whether you need to continuing the listening moment for this Greatest Nictitating Sta Plus Membrane or don’t. Very noisy, annoying and disturbance in the meaningful ways necessary; Expose Your Eyes is an actual test for the hearing tools and only the maker knows where the hell these twenty-to tracks shall ended your journey of test into sounds by various kinds of experimental there.
Whether the side project or little known for sure about this West Yorkshire Electronic Noise recorded by Paul Harrison as the broken lawnmower-like or disaster organ performance in concrete block may becoming very dangerous when you listening to the songs of See’N’See, Make ‘Em Dance, I Just A Point of View onto Penetrate The Barrier or the other deadly choice over Happy Fellows Regulating Plants and Animals or the simple semi-gaming mode samples and harsh curses via I Fucked A Shopkeeper and Converse shall transforming you mad and filled with lust.