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Sleeping Village (Deadline Music 2015)

   Most powerful and everlasting legacy left behind by the solid god-fathers or gods whom walking the earth as the planet masters of all horrors/terrors/satanic extremities from the beginning past – Black Sabbath; there’s nothing you need to say about why the hell another tribute comes and compiled just like this effort releasing from the title force of VA Sweet Leaf – A Stoner Rock Salute to Black Sabbath that reveals most of the bands re-recording the most classic numbers from Ozzy and co. here are representing the genre of Doom/Stoner/Sludge to Psychedelic Rock that “really” rocks out the hell in weed-smoking by the great tunes of darkness and wars and doomsday themed. From Death Hawks over Hand of Doom, the mighty grooves of Wo Fat comes with The Warning; Stoned Jesus tackling The Writ, Mos Generator had Dirty Women or Cancer Bats blasting as the opener on Into The Void as well as Ulver, Pentagram, Solace and some newcomers and lesser-known rock-heads gave their warmth tribute to the evil ways of Sabbath rocking !