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Shards Tweeters (Qwest Records 1996)

Alternative Rock and melodic of Pop as coming on its melodramatic and cacophonous both wrapped by thus crunchy choruses and driving pure semi-romance themed as the formula of these strained and used to be an acoustic duo before rises an idea for vocalist Robby Cronholm or guitarist Mark Weinberg to solidify a band status.

Most favorable and less quieter consequence tied together within the Grungy distorts allows you to feel the lyrics deeper even if they’re written quite simple and standard just like the music but Crumb proving their contributions over this Romance is a Slow Dance expecting that someday more people would respecting the songs they’ve wrote there like Kid Klone, Mr. Yellowfilterfinger & Mr. Pious, Carter, Stuffed Animal or Celebrity Judges and Implore to be some parts of the Indie Rock lovers’ collection to be played often and being liked worldwide.

Romance is a Slow Dance: