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Shadowland Scrolls (Napalm Records 2000)

Stord – Norway’s convenience terror of the night in Black Metal mantle withintheir early Symphonic Death Metal onto the witchcrafting techniques, ancient times and magic – all of which splitting your neck out the body while headbanging harder; the metal-heads are also being seduced like female human cuddle and raped by the demon as Torquemada (drums), Doden (guitars), Pest (vocals) and Heks (guitar, keyboards) comes to grinding your faith on religious thoughts flattened and vanishing as the double hatred pedals and riff of anger lust conquering the earth once again via The Shepherd and The Hounds of Hell from the releasing record by Obtained Enslavement fucking and copulating your small minds with the satanic order rules and Black metal themes such as Ride The Whore, Lucifer’s Lament, Millennium Beast (Awaiting The Feast) as well as Stepping Over Angels onto Utopia Obtained.

When the darkened shades reveals its presence and slowly, the audience shall see there’s nothing to do to fight the evil-deeds but joining the sinful melodies of devil’s orchestrations and whether to pay the prizes within your souls or live happily evil after !

The Shepherd and The Hounds of Hell: