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Serie B (Independent 2017)

Barcelona de Catalonia self-arranged that taken almost like six years in the mainly progress for Toni Feliu (voice, guitar), Joan Gerard Torredeflot (voice, bass & violin), Albert Manils (drums) and Oscar Odena (guitars) with the help of their friends such as Alex Rivera on synth, Joan Vila (piano), Albert Mallorca (percussion) and Frederic Font (fxs) as being recorded and mixed by Santi Garcia showing the audience how the modern technology and civilization must adapting the entire old ancient beliefs as the sacred giant tall corner-stones rising up from the depth to warning us about our behaviors that didn’t pleasing mother earth – a bit.
The conceptual Alternative on Post-Psychedelic Rock and Latin intrusions following how the world changed quite faster than we think or the self-on explanatory to apologize things we done in a rotten way over the planet – slowly self-destructing itself. 
The track-listed songs performs by Yahi crew like Mon Cientific, Escurnari, A L’Obaga onto Rituals or La Clave might launch the examples on how we telling the rest of the story to our grand-children after the dawn of destroyed world turning into a pollutant and over-populated sewer rock …