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Selective Memory (Dreamworks 1999)

   As the birds flying free, chirping as they’re went for a good sun-shining moments on branches while the children smiling and carrying their guns or playing with the wild pets – like it or not for the picture smaller through your un-perfect views or ideas toward the elemental of Indie Rock with thus scientific Pop basic and knowledge from the smarter side of Eels; especially Mark Oliver Everett aka E or to some information which is should be classified, the son of many-worlds interpretation of quantum theorist Hugh Everett III in order to building this little independent group with him as the corner-stone which hiring some good friends and more musicians to come and go over the years of Alternative musical career both studio and stages.

   Singer, song-writer and conceptual maker decider of the open catchy onto more serious type of themes for music beating the extra loving tender feelings over the third recording releases for them as Eels’ Daisies Of The Galaxy providing the products to keeping the US Alternative scene happier than just some little girls playing stick on their dogs near the lake as Grace Kelly Blues, The Sounds of Fear, It’s A Motherfucker; Tiger in My Tank, Jeannie’s Diary, Something is Sacred or Estate Sale sing-along within thus collapses of economy silently, remarkable in harmony making sounds but needs as well – a parental guidance …

Daisies Of The Galaxy: