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Scream With (Self-Released 2014)

Four Glam-Rockers finally, can manage to recording and release their debut works as young, beautifully and ready to reaping your ears by the fabulous melodic rock tunes and good leading clean vocals, catchy music or Pop-tinged Hair-Metal comeback hours which brought by these Swedish crew of Gasoline Stars; Daniel Almqvist (vocals), Pontus Gustafsson (guitars), Timmy Kan (bass) and Rasmus Carlsson (drums) via the releasing of Good Looks, Bad Behaviour as the band members posing on the brick-alley spot not trying to make fun or being a joke at all.

One will finding that the music sounds exclusive and lively, giving back the positions that once used to held a crown by this genre of Sleaze-Metal/Rock scene on the mid eighties as the tracks cranking standard and straight out to struck the audience for L.O.V.E them. 

Exotic Thrill, Hit It Like You Mean It, You Should’ve Known Better, Weekend to Ain’t Life Grand are your proof. 

Swedish finest made the neat products still !

Good Looks, Bad Behaviour: