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Sauce Foreva (KSR Group 2016)

   Did the brown-skinned girl named Belcalis Almanzar ringing the bell to your “collective musical realm mind” or not. After being a regular casts on VH1 reality series this born and raised on The Bronx, NY female figure turns out to be a talented Hip-Hop or Rapper within the images and style influenced by the Hardcore-Rap that did dirty things mixed within the lyrics and themes to offer to you through just say – Lil’ Kim blended her music while fucking-up Bobbi Brown-Lane using Gangsta-Rap of the United States of America crunk-beats and transforming Belcalis Almanzar to be well known as a professional as Cardi B and the world (now) opening its eyes on her.
   A miscellaneous  releasing on Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1 with not only thus Trap/Hip-Hop thick premature explosions to the wet and dirty man kneeling as being the obedience sex-slave for misdemeanor senorita called Cardi B – licking her softly as tongue of males being attracted only to her superb aura of a bad-ass girl rapper today.
   Drinking isn’t a crime for women anymore; listening to the best compilation off the dark-browned lady herself beating up Nicki Minaj with Trust Issues, On Fleek, Washpoppin, Selfish featuring Josh X onto I Gotta Hurt You and Lit Thot may expressing how nowadays gun-controls, equality and the opportunity for being one successful American dreamer is tentative especially, on the Hip-Hop field where one sometimes can easily be famous  while some got wiser but mostly, kicked out right after the shining light weren’t around them no more.

Life’s a real bitch with seducing boobs and booty.

Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 1: