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Samantha Saw (Crafty Records 2007)

New Yorker’s Pop-Punk with female fronted group consolidates their own future in the magnificent good songs available within records. With Haillie Bulleit on vocals/bass, Mikey Erg the drummer, Frank Leone the guitarist and fid on guitar as well the releasing on their latest second album by far -  Heartsickle; providing you the very best of faster and melodic Pop fun tracks listed there and the sweet vocals from the front girl Haillie must be one of those attraction mainly interacts which dragging most of fanatic fans of this genre music sounds to put more respect on these lesser-known band with highlighted goodie songs to listening to The Unlovables. 

Brooklyn based recording on Heartsickle goes on and on performing Leave Me Alone, Let’s Not Fight, Dance Party For 2 (Your Room 3 AM), Everything’s Overrated onto Disaster and Have You Ever – a must becoming non-monotonous music to collects for the new year’s dawn where problems went higher as well as the prices but thus Pop-Punk might becoming our curing of disease in search of happiness moments daily !