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Sally Bodies (Mother Records 1996)

   Need to be known and listen by you – especially, those Indie-Pop lovers over any British soil’s product groups like Longpigs – this five-piece rock band from UK with their terrible neo-romantic sadder themes lyrics and  longing for everlasting heart-breaks feelings even though they’ve been already moving on forward; addicting their audiences within the mid-tempo stories about the last goodbyes off She Said, Lost Myself or Far to the very best effort on how to giving radio charts and Pop media a good bait for good hits that lasted a bit longer like On & On which might forcing you to sing the simply despair amounts consisted on the song’s lyrics. 

The band members: Crispin Hunt (vocals), Richard Hawley (guitar), Simon Stafford (bass guitar), Dee Boyle (drums) or Andy Cook recording and released this first album of the group – The Sun is Often Out and little by little gaining some more attentions from the Indie Pop fans as Longpigs name begin to be recognized by the smaller parts of the worldwide Indie Rock scene genre lovers. 

If this debut wouldn’t be the last one from them then the kiss goodbye seems to be their reason on why keeping to write-down saddest tracks like these to be sold out but adding higher pile of success than drowning or fell hard. 

The Sun Is Often Out: