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Saigon Lime (Burger Records 2013)

Synchronizing off the real meaning acronym of Hour of The Time Majesty Twelve based in Los Angeles, CA as well being known simply as HOTT MT.

As the band members comprising for duet of Ashi Dala and Spooki Tavi with (Auxilary Paladins) where there are names like Shaki Tavi, Guitty Dryver or Chairman Towel and E-Z available for the productive efforts making as the group kept generally, arranging music that matters to them. 

Taking the audience to the magical places just like when one listening to the recording album of debut called – I Made This; a noises confronting games of melodic and beats odds to normal naturally, sounding free to decided its own direction. Pop-Rock and Electro-Indie delivers to you YKWYR, Peachy Mermaid, The Family Flea, Country Club and Glass Sun – perfectly won’t be spoiling the day and driving alone looking for some opportunity ahead with hope in between the level of high or low …

I Made This: