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Saga Deep (Bellyache Records 2016)

   Licensing over the impression towards their Progressive Rock/Synth Rock N’ Roll/Epic Space Rock Music influences as well the Electronic commands dealing heavily to providing the band’s immense status from lesser-known to a better level as more ears listening to their works in testimony experiences, available through the catalog of the group – Voyag3r. The Detroit, MI’s trio of Steve Greene, Greg Mastin and Aaron Greene as instrumentally, pronouncing themselves to be “Voyager 3” blending the vast tissues of combination membrane for Space Rock Progressive and Electro-Rock via the second album – Are You Synthetic ? that regenerating most of the high techniques property mixed with thus harmonies and clever movements while performing the intense instrumentals or music progressions among the songs like Anima Trasgressione (Seq.1), A Plan for Retaliation, Scramble All Fighters, Sinister Creation or Raise Your Shields – processing the data of the universal amounts received by humans to be sent back through the sampling edge of Pop cosmic; by consciousness waiting for a reply …

Are You Synthetic: