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Rusty Neverland (Pravda Records 2004)


Not too far in similarity just like Gin Blossoms minus their crispy vocalist voice here; you got something jangling and poppy from The Slugs – our Chicago Alternative Rock band that heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks for example and you might feeling happy once the music from them turned on your stereo system in medium volume.

The Power-Pop pressing gently as the audience having their private musical tour to Fort Fun – an album that written and recorded by the Juhlin Brothers Dag and Gregg, Johnny L and Mike Haltson for the third times releasing as The Slugs and within thus Alternative Indie Folk, Pop and Country blending as these thirteen songs attached to your ears easily, go sing along and forget what’s happening today especially the worst thing that keeps making you stressed and grab an invisible partner; dance following A Little Something, This Time Summer, A Thing or Two and Leave That One Alone. No pressures just melodies ! 

Fort Fun: