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Rust Liquid (Artoffact Records 2017)

   Dealing your book-pages telling stories about those atmospheric, cinematic, Progressive or Post-metal and Industrial via Electronic Synth project of a duo from Iceland: Krummi Bjorgvinsson and Halldor A Bjornsson with their live drummer Frosti Jon Runolfsson; live guitarist Bjarni Sigurdarsson and live bass player Halfdan Arnason raising the force from Reykjavik as the ones of those whom can making your head banging like listening to the inner-calls from Heavy Metal heaven back to hell themed complex and not easily exposed but blended the moody, introspective or fearless thoughts by the streaming era combining Post-Rock to Dance-floor worth sounds as the peer voice and slower tunes erupts like colder lava exceeded out from the second records of Legend via Midnight Champion.
Edgy type of Nick Cave ranging of skilled vocals to diversity sounds as well as plenty influences harmonic of the 80’s or classical piano or even Phil Collins stays here to be departed as the sending signals of new Depeche Mode quality tricks that sells through Alternative Rock and Electro as the tracks like Frostbite, Captive, Time To Suffer, Scars, Gravestone and Cryptid may easily ruling your hearing sessions while having the album played to that stereo system in mid-tempo volume after dark.

Midnight Champion: