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Rock Thrower (Bandcamp 2014)

Alex Greig and Aaron Kainula (guitars), Timo Pehkonen (drums) and Joshua Therriault (bass) decided to naming their band Android 16 which concluded pretty well relating to thus Ambient to Progressive Rock or Post-Rock instrumentals musical materials project on the record of The Language We All Want to Speak which celebrating the comeback of Spring after Winter on seven tracks available as the warmth sun shining brighter as well as the tracks like London Fair Plane Crash 1846, M.O.N.K.E.Y.B.A.R.S, I’m Conceited Just Kidding, Listen or Groove 9.2 as the spirits floating above our Sun Tree.

And yes, the music plays as manual made by humans and sounded natural ...

The Language We All Want To Speak: