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Rip Your Soul Out (Unseen Force 2013)

   The rebooted of classic all favorable of American Horror film created by Sam Raimi – now comes back as being related to the original and fine new casts for the young generation to taste the visible reality of what’s the true meaning of horrific events happened inside the cabin on the woods by some teenagers/wasted youth/millennium trendsetters as the ancient book of the dead once again being discovers; read and the releasing curses spell flown out to haunts the living just like how the old movies already dealing with these kinds of dark magic of Sumerian beliefs demonic deities. Evil Dead (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Roque Banos revealing the terror in the nights and even days where rainy weather may confusing you as well as walking alone through the haunted woods. David, his girlfriend met the pairs of his addicted sister – Mia named Eric and Olivia planning for a good timing weekend party on their oldie cabin which beers or cuddles cannot closing the incoming horror consuming them within envy, rage, brutal torturing to a living dead possessed body by the dead evil spirits.
   The scary eerie instrumentals in orchestration of the stage scoring Classical over Sad Memories, Finding The Book, Three Ways of Saving Her Soul, Abomination Rising and more terrible events one by one snatching the existence of those teenagers onto the devil’s playground hands as Mia getting raped by the woods itself or how Eric died after being killed by his own girlfriend; David cannot saving Natalie from the frightening dead deeds of the devil himself and with the appearance of Taker of Souls wandering to kill every single one survivor left. Naturom Demonto book has re-opened and the songs creeping to your scared brains like He Won’t Let You Go, The Pendant/Evil Tango or I’ll Do What I Gotta Do might trying to warns anyone from having the same accidents like these poor souls and a bloody shitty weekend.