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Return Gods Dark (Lacerated Enemy 2016)

   Sydney/Newcastle (New South Wales) presented the Australian newer generations of slamming Technical –brutal Death Metal alliance unit of these five-piece metal-heads of Phoone Slambeth (vocals), Sebastian Su (drums), Jordan Watts (bass), Ivan Ellis and James Buckman as their grinding shedder-twins making their sounds up-the level outnumbered the heaviest of Slipknot to the Fear Factory assembled decrepit system toned making by the Greek and Egyptian mythology to science fictions; astronomy and the extinction of humanity – most of them available at the written sounds of musical underground extremist enough to make your entire family deaf and killing themselves while listening to Blade of Horus where their Monumental Massacre e.p not only showing the audiences the landscape of future-past legacy and history of the folklore out of Egypt ancient era with lots of alienated background related technology to the slamming bastard screamo/growler vocals to thus banging bash of riff-age and double pedals in a high technique of the band splintering the pyramid’s edge entrance for thus last lifeless souls on the journey to another galaxy place off this world onto the worshiping anthems of metallic death extreme rituals tracks via Succumb to The Overwhelming Stench of Necrophagia; Death of a Spartan King, Descent onto The Cosmic Realm of Everlasting Madness and you know that these Aussie irreligious crew means it !!!

Monumental Massacre: