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Remnants 02:32 (Lacerated Enemy 2015)

   International collaborations between two metal-heads extreme youngsters from Scotland and South Africa known as Luke Haarhoff doing all the musical instruments and Calum Forrest did the growling vocals relying on their effective brutality for Technical heights over thus Death Metal performance which based on the bloody themes collected from humanity ends, tortures and gore subjects as well as thus scientific fictional imaginative monstrous objects came to live with the good artworks and fine gory tracks available within the band’s productive recording debut among how Engorging The Autopsy releasing this Bludgeoned To Oblivion that shows us the opening portal of dimensional hell-type gate as the giant creature slowly crawls and ready to destroying some parts of your beloved city onto vain as there’s no rescue comes to saving you all from the mutilated scene defects via To Execute a Prostitute track or Planetary Cleansing which closer to any of apocalyptic-heads day-dreaming; Spawned From Ashes as well as Human Harvester that may be caused of the extra-terrestrial invasion and such. 

Means that your mass-mutilates peel oriented images should meet this interests there with disgorge slamming through metallic effort from them.

Bludgeoned To Oblivion: