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Release The System (Warp Records 1994)

   And just like the good opportunity on being agree to some of Greenpeace or National Geographic demands and slogans for their projects to save the environments quite progressive and supporting those activists whom trying to preserving with the rest of global consciousness – mother nature back to her green kingdom; the recording posed as V.A Artificial Intelligence II clearly, ready to have your attention spotted this album which a collaboration between IDM/Techno/Electronic experimental musicians, producers, music composers and such artists whom really really real. As one would opening their ears to Scriptures by B12, Chatter by Autechre, Link providing their via Arcadian or Seefeel onto Darrel Fitton and Balil as well as Richard H. Kirk performing those idealistic mind-ideas about the world themes on preserves environments – just like the title for the album stand smart for itself. Some tracks ended to almost more than seven minutes as others came longer than that.

Those Nephentes plants snapshot seems to be a good picking for clever people to relating this …