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Relativity Exotic (Rocket Surgeon 2017)

Longmont, Colorado or Cedar Rapids – IA of male ego-maniac on keeping his solo project on Indie Rock continues whether it’s about the coitus themes, pharmaceuticals solutions or spirit ghosts of someone haunting for more music making shall always drive Todd Bridgeman towards his course on creating rhyme process which ideas re-recording another different forms of collective undermined range of soft ballads acoustic to experimental Pop-noisy as you might calling it Alternative Rock.

The latest albums on his release lists for the passion on Psychedelic Rock naming as The Beatles’ reminiscent famous record-title of all time as a parody fully respect would appearing on Sultan Pepa’s Lonely Wives Club Band where Pop-Rock, experimental Brit Pop, Art Rock or Alternative sounds possible to mingled and raising like The Yacht Sea Party, Profoundly Ordinary, Only The Best, A Plague of Locus, Like Taking a Baby from Candy to The Pot Calling The Grass Green must be dedicated and inspired by the influential of many women, mothers, beautiful young girls and whores of historic times before. 

Shaping our world manly enough to either go forward or just extrovert idealistic on Pop-Rock story…

Sultan Pepa's Lonely Wives Club Band: