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Red Nails Barbra (Sudden Death 2005)

Rockabilly, Rock n’ Roll and everything deliberately, awesome for stinky prom night dancing moment while cranking upon your stereo system would be the excellent Modernettes of Art Bergmann, Buck Cherry, Ian Noble, Mary-Jo Kopechne and Randy Castillo – the Power Pop and New Wave crew band from Vancouver, Canada as being formed since the late eighty-ones but didn’t really make it a long good career as if their music really sells-out pretty right. If you wanted to have  a pleasure listening about how catchy was the Pop-Power did recognizable to the Pop culture scene and established as a genre since Punk Rock hated the kinds of “sell-out” groups – only to be seen the giving birth of the bands such as Modernettes etc.

Great melodies, great choruses and great vibes completed even if your lead vocals didn’t quite mend it but through this compilation of the best or rare tracks from the band; Get IT Straight curing your misery for that eighties/nineties sounds of Alternative Jangle-Rock as well through Celebrity Breakup, Suicide Club, Surf City Strangeler, Won’t Have To Worry, I Can Only Give You Everything, New Society and Femme Fatale or more. 

Thumbs up to these Canadians !

Get It Straight: