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Realm Impurity (Lacerated Enemy 2013)

Always never out drained of ideas these Death Metal slamming crew just like the newest formation off Newcastle, Australia acting greatly, written well music and old days structured solos or blood-bath ideal growler and double pedals complete.Remember the name of simplicity (and dangerous) for Gaped on behalf by actual fact that this project is a solo made and recorded in all instruments and vocals by Ryan Huthnance as this E.P being the recognition of his partially works of artistic devastating and rampage genre scene that will make the New South Wales’ underground scene very fucking proud because of the precise directing and elements blend towards the releasing titled of The Murderous Inception. From the Cannibal Corpse covering tunes – Stripped Raped and Strangled onto the local creations that brings slaying of the innocent victim for the meal on the hungry ones, chaotic slam-dancing or killer mosh-pit as metal-heads possessed while listening to Succumb; Skin Suit or Let The Cutting Begin as they’d say that cannibalism or flesh-eating habits aren’t new but already flick through our DNA and ancient primitive ancestor heritage.

The Murderous Inception: