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Raverd Han (Ostgut Ton 2016)

   Quickly involved within a decade as energetic and fairly finding how the co-fronting of this Berlin, Germany personal female figure of Virginia Nascimento a/k/a Virginia Hogl and her moving steps group members as Steffi, Martyn and Dexter as singers; producers and DJ performing commands for many spectators since sending their exciting sounds of Disco to Electronic insight the inner-self renowned to the step-up playful things through the first and only debut record by released entitled – Fierce For The Night within the blending over New Wave, Techno-Pop, Synthesizers and the invention legacy carried before by any Club Culture’s rich and rags history on the songs of free-moving thoughts via Obstacle, Funkert, Lies, 1977, Subdued Colors; Follow Me onto Believe in This straight to Bally Linny.

Rhetoric questions aren’t always got all answers.

Fierce For The night: