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03:73 (Self-Released 2017)

   Six tunes being recorded by Finesse which is Jeff Cornell (synthesizers, guitars, drum programming) and Patrick Donohoe on vocals as being designed entirely for the artworks by Thomas Miller reserved pretty soften but well as these Minneapolis, Minnesota group attempting for their generosity for New Romantic, New Wave tensions, Post-Punk and Synth-Pop as the duet looks too serious for the front cover posing but for you – the lovers fanatic of semi-legendary names from the eighties like A Flock of Seagull, New Order, Rick Ashtley to Wang Chung found onto the classical beats available the good singles like Into The Night, A Thousand Words, Cheap Fantasy (club edit) and Xylophone Jetty (club edit) – all the through thus electric suit-sign across the street or Unbroken Memory record. Some is rather romantic on average vocals but the beats sounding enjoyable guilt ridden Pop …

Unbroken Memory: