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Racionalizar Difference (Thrashbastard 2007)

   New generations of a high-sensitive ratio of feelings forged the latent views over issues that appearing within the global predictions and worsen things happened around them from the last decade to the new millennium as the angst of both male and female creative ideas heading the unpleasant rebellion for the making of straight forward bands that learning the hard ways and punching hard through those irrelevant news and protesting their kinds of hatred over the wealthy parts of the world as an anti-new world order leads their steps as The Renegades Of Punk with Daniela Rodrigues (guitars and vocals), Ivo Delmondes (drums, vocals) and Amarilio Carvalho (bass, vocals) from Araujo – SE (Brazil) as these Portugese Punk-rockers raging their Tropical Pop-Hardcore sounds like an electric drill.
   The Renegades Of Punk self-titled recording bashing out as an objection for how our consumerism plateau addiction already getting too fucking high nowadays and that disease called commercialism creeping to your children’s bed under their blanket. 
   The heart of shopping must be stopped and Se Tudo Se Vende (to buy and to be sold), Copias where the rights of creativity already being crossed by irresponsible people through the Same Old Shit, Qual A Diferenca ? and I Don’t Know What To Do might be a great package for your rebellion night riot-acts.