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Puppies The Mack (Mountain Man 2012)

   Meet your own hairy or sweaty  duo of Ruben Jesse Cortez – guitars and Christopher Patrick Gregory – drums giving farewell to so much and many time wasted to wrote down lyrics but as they're still screaming in background sang format; begun to composing their definitive Garage-tinged of Math-Rock based sounds hailing themselves from Whittier/Sand Diego – CA as technically, cannot really be categorized by the media whom always taking things for granted in making money.
   The Littlest Viking born and grown up to be nothing to be tamed but a bewildering unit playing for themselves; being satisfied while playing by themselves and didn’t really fucking care for the shitty record deals but fortunately – their roots for Punk Rock and Thrash-Rock and Pop smoothly, blended well within the self-titled recording as it provides those tracks of non-arguable themes to pick by the band and may dangerously – smacking onto your criticized dumb face to bleed as Give Me Motorhead opening followed by Slap Bracelet Wounds onto I’m Hetero for Samantha Maloney or Mary-Louise Parker has Aids… A Lot which infringe the sarcasm perhaps, too deep and much intriguing as if it may facing courtyard or don’t – the band didn’t fucking care but playing harder to goddamn hardest !!!

The Littlest Viking: