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Prophetic Basilisk (Transylvanian Tapes 2017)

May your impatient recommending return by three-time curses intention as the magic phase over Doom Metal/Sludge and some Dark-Wave to Death Metal combinations releasing beyond the cryptic and non-sarcasm based themes as blackest black void shallows the entire sinful town away from religious as being godless forever.

The essential sounds over Battle Hag’s quartet of their native San Francisco on the growler voices and heavy terrorizing riffs made to blast by Neal Oliver, Grey Cat, Danny Ensele and Dan Aguilar been releasing their latest second efforts on Tongue Of The Earth. 

In which the record has been divided onto those two sections of sub-titles that consisted under I-In The Shadow of The Obelisk contains of either Necronomichron or The Book of Thoth as well as The Tower of Silence from II-The Edge of The Realm; come smashing like the asteroid hits the planet crust causing total doomsday at the time – sending millions of the inhabitants to the abyss of certain death. Slamming drums and slashing guitar riffs background the real underground vocals like growl splintering thus Sludge/Stoner/Heavy Metal extreme ways as magic spells and dark chants ruling the minds of the audience within the Progressive metallic displays of warnings.

Tongue Of The Earth: