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Problems Astronauts (Bandcamp 2017)

   Go put your curiosity on the stressed out pulling-in basher beats like some kinds of Klingon’s Funk Rock putrid the experimental charisma gone vanishing but the remaining character like The Melvins on trauma led by female bass player and composer of music heyday on the Grunge underground pasts Monique Ortiz doing the vocals collaboration with Michael Howard did the job well done over the EP of Some Girls underneath the sub-titled group of Alien Knife Fight as the lyrics written by Ms. Ortiz herself and producer Mark Deutrom which resulting the boom-bastic bass performance and rocking low doomy sounds like a serial killer reborn again from the ashes of his victims through Vertebrae off the four minutes and one second to In Another Minute lasted only in two minutes and fifty-one seconds top did together.

The album that comes within its own character for the fuzz strings, non-casual immediate danger and formidable sinned trademark to keep the legacy of the grinding Hardcore spirits of the previous works continues to explode. 

Let the girlie she-male smiling over the worshiping the red light’s distric area. 

Where merry gentlemen’s doing sins !

Some Girls EP: