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Prediction Walls (Independent 2010)

"In nominus timor" might had a meaningful remains located to find your true fascinating extremity crash and burning as the cover artworks looking terribly scary and may giving you nightmare; these Olomouc – Czech Republic quartet already releasing their infamous records so far but still Ulf Gjerdingen (bass), Jarda Hanzel (drums), Petr (guitars) and Zdenek Simecek (vocals) of the Technical Death Metal unit named Godless Truth presenting still their on-going of relentless brutality marks upon more tracks product recorded for a release just like this E.P comprising of three songs of terrorizing horror on Too Late To Stop My Hate.
From the progression over the clench-fisted instrumental to the submitting of six minutes and thirty-two seconds blasts onto Look Inside Your Pain; felt eventually massive, very scary, immediate banshee-like decomposing and beatable slamming. 

Make the damned roar !

Too Late To Stop My Hate: