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Pluto Terraform (Sector 27 Records 2017)

Orange County’s pinkish masked troops of three being a genre-driven groups of some more addition on Dance-Punk or Cartoon-Pop sounds as the trio of Theo Cohn, Jackson Katz and Rex Osterkamp releasing their recording under the name of fierce (not) Rexx. Non-grunts and non-wicked music sounds for the most of Jangly Pop and New Wave products really customizing the reality of the band’s record entitled – Topical Discussions showing that the scandalous crack of the iceberg continent in our poles are true and the beaming geographical side-effects to covering the flat earth or alien technology within government’s project isn’t a hoax after all. 

But even if nobody’s believing on this story; the songs might exclusively, entertaining most of those questioning heads and filling-up them with melodies of Indie Pop alternative music like Mind & Heart, Bring You Joy, Business and With The Guns which Progressive Synth-Pop and Rock Indie leaving the rest to California in gladness atmosphere where things quite controllable and normal.

Topical Discussions: