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Pharmacy Queen (Independent 2016)

   Standard Power-Pop Punk and melodic rocking tissues of element that combines some of those relevant intact gutting from A.F.I and The Ataris by the same time some younger generations started to decide themselves to go back embracing Emo-Rock and little parts of religious Christian Community Music based influences with some Ska/Reggae tips variating the messages performance provided by these Boston, Massachusetts unit whom calling themselves as Cook Bag. Whiskey Teeth and Other Songs recorded literary was using not too much money or cheaper E.P project ridiculously finished by three dudes writing their Punk-Rock songs but never been kidding while thanking their affections for Ronnie James Dio’s tremendous energy.
   Whether you didn’t like any type of pizza or Slipknot or hating gauges with the reality that most people might loving to attend the Fender-Telecaster shows rather than liking The Beatles because they never went to Abby Road. Until next time from the Cook bag and enjoy their melodic rock through Mrs. Monday, Coffee and A Movie resting at the poisonous bottles to drink on Insomnia Insanity; like one who cannot leave Devil’s Kettle but hate to lose that beasty bitch Jennifer from the small haunted woods.

Whiskey Teeth and Other Songs: