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Password Alcohol (Sub Pop 2007)

   Really the news about a new band from Seattle – Washington isn’t just a cheap hoax to some illegal fanatic whose keeping their beliefs that someday the entire army of Seattle Sounds shall coming back to reclaiming their spot and capital city back but to be honest; you don’t have to wait for any of that predictions or prophecy because almost every-day there’s always pops new bands like the story of Kinski; the four-piece deconstructed Avant-Garde Rock group that evoking the unique teaser of their parts known to be served and sharing towards the many publicity audience who likes to have Indie-Pop and Alternative Rock characters as daily flavors since the late nineties era until now. Comprised by the influential sounds like washing machine’s power surge of Tommi Iommi but more than less erupts through those experimental cargo six-strings, Sonic Youth-based atmosphere onto majestic ozone fuzz-propellers in swirling textures in between Garage Rock and Tool’s aura. The quartet of Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson, Matthew Reid-Schwartz and Barrett Wilke delivering their instant spontaneous ideas and riffs to be mend  as blending thicker with distorting buzzing and emotion-less fear on making something new in their opinions.
For the band's Down Below It’s Chaos recording; the songs of Dayroom At Narita Int’l, Boy Was I Mad, Crybaby Blowout, Plan Steal Drive and Punching Goodbye Out Front easily reminds you about how amazing the flashback for Thurston Moore and co. used to be sounding like the first year of their career.

Down Below It's Chaos: