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Over Restless (Semaphore 1997)

   Line-up consistency over the band’s Progressive Melodic Metal that comprising of vocalist D.C Cooper, Steen Mogensen (bass), Allan Sorensen (drums), Jacob Kjaer (guitar), Andre Andersen (keyboards/guitars) and god knows who else being on board for the fantastic semi-legendary under the name of Royal Hunt already co-working with together.
For the fifth albums alone – so far and closing; Paradox high-techniques greets its listeners within the balancing blended for Symphonic Rock and Progressive Metal with the back-up vocals provided by Kenny Lubcke, Lise Hansen and Maria McTurk for the lead over The Awakening as an opener onto the magnificent piano-tinged basic harmonies over River Of Pain through the more ballad tremolo-sheer emotional for the audiences on Long Way Home as well as Tearing Down The World. 
   Double pedals mixing with the keyboards controlling science and folklore background themes behind the coloring rose-glass windows of a church and anticipated beliefs of the old world to re-build in through progressions. 
Sounding the alarms when one needing to stepping-out the camouflage and unveils the blanket – leaving the world behind to entering the new statistic gateway of the new millennium confronting the obstacles and the sensibility strokes down consciousness on the lost of souls leaving some marks off the wall. 
   Listen more carefully to Time Will Tell, Silent Scream, Message To God (Radio Edit) and Martial Arts – and let the burning candles gone to darkness approached before the illuminating purpose sparks the entire whole meaning for the truth again …