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Osmosis Faithless (Relapse Records 2013)

Portland – Oregon’s massive Doomy metallic old-school crew performing their infectious riffs of reptilian’s charms and the devil whispering spells toward the essential basic influences from both images from Candlemass to Black Sabbath; Judas Priest onto Venom or Blue Oyster Cult on drugs overdosed which playing by the performance of Chris Evans, Erik Olson, Jeff Golden or Wade Murff – naming themselves as Lord Dying's record - Summon The Faithless (deluxe edition).

The sessions of extreme poisonous deranged Doom Metal mixed with Thrash Metal and Classic Heavy Metal head-banger truly possessing through the inside and outskirt of riff-age adventures on In a Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment onto Descend Into External, Dreams of Mercy to Greed is Your Horse  - all comes down in distorting six-strings music bashing the amplifiers and the rest of the open air. 

As time’s up counting down by death leaving you no chance or choice to be forgiven but not forgotten; as well the vanishing souls left the planet – so, the legacy remains only thus deadly Doom Metal as the funerary anthems.

Summon The Faithless (deluxe edition):