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Orchards Snacks (Polyvinyl Record Company 2013)

   They said Curiosity will kill the cats; perhaps – that’s half true but on this case of unique forms of musical productions, all the living things should fear the un-dead duo whose miraculously played their best talent-show within the making of an album, the song-written tracks and the camouflaging beat-banging mixed for Electronic Synth-Pop, Psychedelic Indie Rock and more from Curiousity as the second album primary capitalized energy from the barrage from these Portland, Oregon’s Wampire duet of blood-sucking feasters Eric Phipps and Rocky Tinder with Cole Browning, Owen Thompson and Thomas Hoganson as then a five-piece spreading the disease of slow-motion spells of Pop Dance-Disco songs by the mesmerizing track-lists on the album such as Spirit Forest, Magic Light, Outta Money to Giants and The Hearse that recklessly sharing the romance of their dark-sweet energies sucking your blood slower via thus skin-pores as nobody noticing it not.