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Orange & Blue (Doom Trip Records 2016)

   An improvising Synth-Pop/Indie Rock/Electronic and some parts or more of experimental through the designs being called later as Mutant Rock or meaningful explainable can be as Noise-guitar Blues-Pop Psychedelic blended onto Soul-Loops Left Field as Skyjelly that consisted of Mr. Jones, Dave Melanson, Eric (Jones) Hudson and Scott Sheik Levesque matching their levels of experiment-music which contains of the sounds of Modern day Rock independently and as well the Oriental/Middle-Eastern tinged collections of harmony melodies releasing not only just an album but the magnificent collective compilation records which gave a title under the terms of Blank Panthers/Priest, Expert or Wizard that divided into pairs of side-affecting sound-proof groovy beats and structured self-improvements products available through Seamagnet, Acosta or Sixes for the A Side onto the B-section via Subway Rider, Catherine’s Rabbi, Watch Out and Headphone Jack through the bonuses tracking like Solomon’s Theme and Babies in Light.

The vocals moving towards the essential British Indie Pop bands measuring and Pop-Alt Europe that spawns brief of happiness to hope sense leading the good variable of Rock N’ Roll cracks there made well by the musicians.