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Optimus Prime (Bandcamp 2007)

   Don’t think too hard for judging them a copycat dumber band over Bon Jovi’s fame cause you will know that if five robot bent on the destruction of human kind, all unit inactive as to the chance of recording this on a satellite in low earth orbit performing by Jon Bot Jovi (vocals), Kianu Keys (synth), Sony Danza (bass), Jean Claude van Ram (guitars) and Bresnan Frasier (drums) from Laramie, Wyoming naming themselves as Sprocket Nova within this part of recording on Push Start requiring the Pop-Punk and New Wave of Power-Pop as the cranking fun and silly songs like Made of Metal, The Star Wars in His Mind or I Wanna Be A Robosexual or even Tokyo and T-100. A soundtrack for shouting aloud about Death to Bill and Ted.

Push Start: