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Omphalos Fountain (I Voidhanger 2014)

   Ayloss the Avant-Garde Greek musician of metallic-extreme likes fan turning this solo-project from Athena, Attica onto the more grinding Ambient/Atmospheric Post-Black Metal to philosophy meets natural cosmos related as Spectral Lore – the mysterious underground acts of the mediterranian sea area as like Charybdis and Syclla of Blackest Metal Classic over the recording releases on III as the crane waiting for the strange figure of deep sea clamps tower turning to magical wonders of the world on that galaxy; leaving the growlers and the sentiment music provided by double discs as The Cold March Towards Eternal Brightness faced Drifting Through Moss and Ancient Stone; The Veiled Garden onto Cosmic Significance as well as A Rider Through The Lands of An Infinity Dreamscape glares wider – shaken the concluded fear sensed since the early days and after the wander’s pacts signing by blood of the dark souls spiritually, survive with evil prevails !