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Old Golden Farewell (Bandcamp 2013)

   If one feeling a bit scared it perhaps because that The Storm Has Come just like the album title from a Goteborg, Vastra Gotalands – Sweden Folkish-Emo Indie Rock group named Preacher and Bear which consisting actually only of these duet of beautiful vocalist Elin Piel and Frederik Patterson as they’re creeping in a good sense of musical performance that brought much talented of wiser lyrics written and melodies making perfect as the cloudy skies surrounding us with colder and darkness effects told the brains that something wicked might going to come latter after the calm weather this morning.
The non-commercial feelings of beauty that yelling in soft whispers for an answer above the tons of questioning marks within the ignorant minds keeps on fighting one another trying to claim the best topping off differences not the justice solutions and perhaps, the world tomorrow will still be blurred just like today but thankfully, there are good souls like Preacher and Bear presenting in the middle of us their sensibility of encouraging righteous by thus Contemporary Americana music touch. 
   This recording sounded braver in its calmer version of building the permanent shelter against the hurricane that threatening form not afar anymore and you need more than just a particular great faith and track-listed songs like The Richest The Witches, Don’t Do as The Devil Told, Fall on Me like Rain or If they Stole Your Heart would entertain those whom thought that most Country musicians nowadays already losing their wisdom may finding it back within Indie Folk-Rock band like these Swedish duo. 

The Storm Has Come: