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Octopus BPM (Bandcamp 2012)

   Looks like they're the last resistance of your Nu-Metal meets Ska-Core sounds which contenting themselves within more Progressive models blending for Southern Rock to Stoner and Pop-tunes as well. The Hadron Collider of Las Cruces – New Mexico providing us through their performance on this recording release of A.L.I.C.E as saxophone and guitar bites howling in turns as the formations for the band consisted of Travis Manning (drums, vocals), Steve Selby (sax, vocals), Steve Fardal (keyboards), Miguel Romero (guitars), Gabriel Alvillar (turntables), Clif Warren (bass) and Adam Ostland (vocals, keyboards) as the band give thanks for the use of front cover photo from CERN laboratories might concerning some but the music really tremendously, grooving and colorful like 311 got their minds drugged by the fifth dimension combinations of hallucinating source used too much as Moon Falling, Pearl Heart or the Ghost Prison, Echo, Spacetruck, Greasy Spoon and Home – preciously, refers to fun sounds to rocking with !