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Obscenity Five-Twenty (Fight For Your Mind 2006)

   Used to playing for various members from local bands like Lost Cause or End Me, Sickoids and more until these Northern Jersey group now located to Philly, PA can easily makes USA’s underground Hardcore Punk-Metal scene proud as fuck listening to what they’re writing and performs via the career for loud music.
Witch Hunt as four-piece comprising for Janine Enriquez (bass), Nicole Enriquez (guitar), Rob Fitzpatrick the drummer turning to guitarist with additional name like Vince Klopfenstein (drums) giving the audience their own themes sarcastically, speaking mainly about imperialism, sexual abuse, the regime states and destroyed environments. 
Just like this second recording release on Blood-Red States; the raw power blistering tension of heat and angst protests towards things that they’re believed in or anti just fierce and sharpening exploding as Blindfold, Shades of Grey, All Torn Up, Desperation all through Wall and War-Coma; blown out your outside world of wealthy and money to burn as the riches shall be tortured and dragged on the streets by the peasants – you’ll see !

Blood-Red States: