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Obscena Misdemeanour (Bandcamp 2009)

High-calibrated distortion and beats of bass-lines and riffs taken from the inspiring Grunge and Alternative Rock legacy from the nineties era never miss much for this group from Melbourne, Australia named the same as their releasing e.p Ouch My Face maybe meaningless as hollow but true as painful experiences perhaps.
Performs as themselves screaming loud: Liz Thomas, Ben Wundersitz and Celeste Potter on a proud non-relaxing blasts of Indie Rock tension sounds over these five tracks here on the releasing. Knockouts for three minutes and thirty-five seconds or the meaner rhythmic bass on Firehead did the penetration on experimenting the groovy beats as well as Don’t Take a Knife to The Graveyard blissfully torching the listeners by tortured emancipation for female front-woman to background shouts as great as fuck in independent movement by garage Rock ways possibilities to harmful the speakers. 

Good first try from the lesser-known band trio that may shocks your ears by the afternoon rest !

Ouch My Face E.P: