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Noxeema Sadie (Self-Released 2013)

   One might be heard about Divorce Pop as what the hell is that ? The real truthful fact is that that’s the title being picked by Jordan Tyler Richardson from Crowley, TX as his fortunate good word for describing his own extra-large amount of Pop cheese-cake for becoming the disguise project solo in Son Of Stan as himself not as Ben Harper’s drummer. The debut album on Indie-Pop Alternative reserved as well as most softer side on thus declaring themes and classic distortion for Pop-tunes available with the works of co-producer Adam Lasus and Son Of Stan where even though the spring won’t be happening as good as you wanted to be still – there are some spirits been released via You Never Liked The Way You Left, Look of Leave, Chip Away, Rochelle and Connie right ended to It’s Not Clear What’s Happening.
Maybe your vehicle won’t co-operate the way you liking it to go on but the splash on Pop-Rock tunes may saving the rest of your afternoon on this !

Divorce Pop: